Tade Lario continues in French 208 Rally Cup


Taisko "Tade" Lario goes to seek success in French mono-brand cup together with his co-driver Sami Ryynänen. The pilotes will attack the championship fight together with a local team CHL Sport Auto. The first race of the series, Rallye Terre des Causses, is driven 1st-2nd April in Southern France.

Peugeot 208 RallyCup is known for 21-year-old Lario already from previous seasons. Last year Lario drove the whole series but results weren't so good due to retirements. This year the aim is to fight for the championship's main prize. Winner of the series gets an ERC-program in R5 car with Peugeot´s official factory team. The competition will be very tight with over 20 young pilots from 7 different countries on the entry list. Everyone is driving a Peugeot 208 R2 with equal specifications, as ruled in the regulations.

- It is nice to start a new season well prepared. Most of the rallies are known from previous years and it's great to continue our cooperation with the CHL Sport Auto -team. When there's a top class team and skillfull engineers behind you, it's easy to focus on the driving itself. Last year left a lot to improve and we have been working hard to fix these things. I believe we now have the full package ready and especially on gravel events we can make great results. For the championship, it's important to collect points evenly, describes Lario his feelings before the series start.

Peugeot-pilots Tade Lario (right) and co-driver Sami Ryynänen (left) will compete once again in France this season

Lario and co-driver Ryynänen are driving together already for fourth consecutive year. They have been preparing for the season well and the focus has been put on all areas. Reconnaissance is very crucial part when the stages are driven at recce only once through with the rally car at gravel events. There will be enough of challenges with conditions changing from muddy gravel to mountainous tarmac roads.

- Terre des Causses is well-known rally for me as I competed there already in 2014. There are a lot of junctions and long straights. Road surface changes all the time and sometimes there is tarmac under the gravel, which makes it tough to find good braking points. Changing weather conditions give an extra taste for the rally. We will be driving proper test on Tuesday with the team and seeking good setups and balance for the car. Then it's good to start attacking straight from the beginning, tells Tade Lario about the weekend's rally.

Peugeot 208 RallyCup Calendar 2017:
1/ Rallye Terre des Causses (March 31 - April 2 / gravel)
2/ Rallye Lyon-Charbonnieres ( 20-22 April / asphalt)
3/ Rallye Terre du Diois ( June 2-4 / gravel)
4/ Rallye du Rouergue ( July 7-9 / asphalt)
4/ Rallye Terre de Lozere ( August 25-27 / gravel)
6/ Rallye Terre des Cardabelles (October 6-7 / gravel)
7/ Rallye du Var (November 24-26 / asphalt))

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Text: Tade Lario Tiedotus
Photo1: Bastien Roux
Photo2: Riku Nikkilä


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