Lario had unlucky race at Antibes


Peugeot 208 RallyCup continued on 20 th to 22 nd May at Rallye d´Antibes. On the line were again 31 Peugeot 208 R2 cars and competitors from many countries. The rally was driven on mountain roads known from rally Monte-Carlo and it was time for the series to move on tarmac.

Tade Lario with his co-driver Sami Ryynänen started the race with good feelings:

- It´s nice to compete on tarmac, the stages are great. Our aim is to drive complete race and score our first points of the cup. The rally is long and challenging, so we have to avoid mistakes.

The first loop of Saturday didn´t went like planned. Lario got to drive only the short first stage and on following stages he had to stop, because there were other competitors crashed on the road. The stages were cancelled for a few cars and they got calculated times. Second loop was better and after day 1 position was 11 th in the cup, despite the calculated times were not so good.

On Sunday Lario was aiming to improve his position. Unfortunately it didn't play out; they hit a rock wall and got a puncture, causing a time loss of 30 seconds. On the loop after the service, the rally ended to a retirement. Front tire´s surface broke and its stripes went around wheel hub breaking a brake tube. They lost completely the brakes at the finish of Col de Turini. Lario and Ryynänen got the leak fixed on the road section and tried to continue with 3 brakes, but maximum time was full.

- It´s never nice to have a retirement. Really bad luck that we lost half of the front tire´s surface and its stripes broke the brake tube. Here we see again, anything can happen in rallying. Next time the series return to gravel, which is better surface for me. There we will seek for a good result! , comments Tade Lario.

208 RallyCup continues next time on gravel at Rallye Terre de Langres 24 th to 26 th June.

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Text: Tade Lario Tiedotus
Photo: Bastien Roux Photographie

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