208 RallyCups opening race wasn´t easy


Rallye Terre des Causses 2nd-3rd April opened this year´s Peugeot 208 RallyCup. On the line settled record amount of cars, in total 31 drivers started seeking for success in the high-level cup. Tade Lario and his co-driver Sami Ryynänen did not success to score their first points of the series, but brought the car to finish as 7th junior and 12th in the whole cup.

Series´ opening was driven on gravel near Capdenac. Despite it was a gravel rally, there was many parts of tarmac. At the second loop some of the gravel roads changed to tarmac roads, because there was tarmac under the gravel layer. There were also many narrow junctions on the stages, for exmaple on 9km stage there were over 20 junctions. Heavy rain which started already on day before the race, did not make circumstances easy.

In France reconnaissance of gravel rallies is always done with race car, on the morning of the race day.This makes sense just because some roads are not possible to go through with normal low suspension cars. The stages are driven only once at reconnaissance. After mornings recce, there is service break and then the rally starts.

Tade and Sami were happy with the Saturday mornings reconnaissance and had a good feelings for the race. It rained all morning, so the gravel/tarmac roads were muddy and slippery. Problems started 3 minutes before start of the first stage. Co-drivers door did not close anymore so the drivers had to fix the locking mechanism in a hurry. 1,5 minutes before the start problems continued; wind screen wipers stopped working and there was problem with helmet intercom. Despite the worries they started the rally with 6th fastest time and 4th in juniors. Next stages did not go as well; junction straight, overtaking car in front, driving into a field and on the next loop again junction straight. Last stages of afternoon went without problems and the position was 12th in the cup after Saturday. The gap to leader was a bit over a minute, but in the few mistakes time loss was more than 30sec.

On Sunday morning roads were wet again. Reconnaissance went well and it was time to fight for some positions. On long first stage changing grip was challenging, so junction went straight on muddy road. The next stages Tade and Sami decided to drive without any risks, because the possibilities to good positions were lost. They brought the car to finish 1min 49sec behind the winner. Position was the same as on Saturday, 12th in the cup and 7th junior. 153 kilometers long rally offered a lot of experience but zero points, only top10 score points. The season is in the beginning and final positions are not settled on the first rally, because not all 7 races are counted to final results.

- Opening of the series did not go without mistakes, so the result is according to that. When driving in one of the toughest 2WD series, there is no room for error. We lost almost a minute just in single mistakes. The level is really high, so in the next events we have to aim on steady performance, to get to the points. Good example of the level is when we lost 10 seconds on 22km stage, our position was 12th. Now we focus on the next race, Rallye d´Antibes, which is driven on tarmac in Monte-Carlo mountains, comments Tade Lario his first event of 208 Rally Cup.

Next time Tade will compete in France on national Rallye de L´Escarene 23rd-24th April. It will be a testrace on tarmac before the next 208 Rally Cup event Rallye d´Antibes on 20th-22nd May in South-France.

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FINAL RESULTS 208 Rally Cup race 1/7:

1.Lobez Jose Maria1:36:39,00
2.Franceschi Jean-Baptiste+00:18,70
3.Wagner William+00:29,20
4.Solans Baldo+00:30,50
5.Gascou Emmanuel+00:32,80
6.Consani Stéphane+00:34,80
7.Ribei Bruno+00:53,20
8.Ribaud Quentin+01:13,10
9.Toedtli Jérémie+01:17,00
10.Monnin Jean-Paul+01:28,40
11.Carella Andrea+01:30,60
12.LARIO TAISKO+01:49,90
13.De Mevius Guillaume+03:06,70
14.Wagemans Joachim+03:18,00
15.Sahila Aki+04:19,50

Text: Tade Lario Tiedotus
Photo: Bastien Roux Photographie

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